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Krudoku Tournaments

You can join multiple Krudoku tournaments or start your own public or private Krudoku tournament with for example friends, colleagues, classmates or family members and discover who the best Krudoku player is. There are 3 types Krudoku tournaments:


A knockout competition in which the winner of a match goes to the next round. Knock-out tournament style


All participants playing a Krudoku match against each other. The contestant with the most obtained points wins the pool. Pool tournament style

Pool + Knock-out

The top ranked participants of each pool will go to the next round. After the pool phases, the knockout stage begins. Poule+Knock-out tournament style

Joining a Krudoku Tournament

You can participate a Krudoku tournament by going to the page of the tournament and registering by clicking this button:

If you already have registered and logged in on our website then you are instantly registered for the tournament. Do you still don't have an account with us or you are not logged in, you will see the following:

Properties of a Krudoku Tournament

On the page of each Krudoku tournament you will see on top the properties of the tournament. In an overview you can see e.g. the status, the tournament format, the number of tournament sites and the number of registered participants. Also it shows on which type of board should be played during this tournament and with which dictionary.
On the top right you will see the registered participants and once all tournament sites are occupied, the tournament will start within minutes.
#001  Player A - Player B
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Krudoku match against Player B on a Random board.
This match is automatically created in your Krudoku app.
Player A
Player B

The Krudoku matches

Once the Krudoku tournament has started, you as participant can see on the page of the tournament the details of your current matches in this tournament (you must be logged in).

A started match will be automatically created in your Krudoku app. The score, the win and loss of the game will be also processed fully automatically.


The blue vertical bars indicate the remaining actual playtime per player. The playtime of a player counts down when it is his or her turn and the Krudoku match should be played within this assigned playtime.

If a player has 12 hours of playtime remaining, we will send an automatic e-mail notification to the player. When a player has used up his / her playtime, he or she will lose automatically, regardless the score.


We encourage everyone to play fair. However, everyone can join our tournaments and thereby it will unfortunately sometimes prevent that the less sportive / active members participate. If you are dealing with an unfair or unresponsive opponent, you can report it by answering a received e-mail from the referee.

The Krudoku game rules can be found here.

Much Krudoku fun!