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QaardZ is a multi-platform, multi-player, multi-directional poker-style board game available as a WEB application! Play against your friends, random opponents or join regular tournaments for an added competitive challenge! Can you think in 4 directions and the colours of the rainbow to beat your opponent? For more information click here.


  • Invite your friends or play against random opponents.
  • In game chat for a bit of friendly banter.
  • Join tournaments to win QoinZ prizes and kudos.
  • Premium upgrade for access to free tournaments and extra games.
  • Push notifications to keep you updated on game activity.
  • Upload a personalised avatar to add a bit of fun.
  • Manage your account on the QaardZ website.
  • QaardZ announcements for winners, tournaments, news...
  • Customisable settings to make QaardZ work how you like.