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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the Aworded tournaments. Further information on the functioning of the Aworded tournaments you can find here. When your question is not listed you can send us an e-mail which we as soon as possible will try to answer.

How do I join a Aworded tournament?

You need to have the Aworded application on your smartphone, tablet or pc to be able to participate. You can download it here. Then you go to the tournament page and sign up by clicking on Register. More detailed information you find here.

How do I report results?

The results and scores of a Aworded match can be reported on the tournament page of the tournament. You must be logged in to view your matches. More detailed information you find here.

If reporting of a result or score fails, you can report it by answering an email from the referee.

How do I change my photo?

You can change your photo by going to the page My account and clicking on your current photo. If it isn't possible to upload your photo from your smartphone or tablet, please send an email with the attached photo and your username to

How do I change my Aworded username?

You can change your Aworded username on the page My account. Click on the right of your current Aworded username on edit. In the window that will come up, you can enter your new Aworded username. Note that your Aworded username everywhere will be changed and your old username no longer will be visible.

I do not receive an invitation from my opponent, shall I just wait?

When staring a match, the system asks one of the players to invite the other. However, as the instructions in the email prescribe, both players are alloud to invite. So whenever you see a match having been started by Feudia, do not hesitate to invite.

What to do if a Aworded opponent is unfindable?

If you cannot find the Aworded username of your opponent in your Aworded application, please write a message on the tournament chat to get in contact with your opponent. Other players in the tournament may know how to get in contact. You may also send your opponent a private message on Feudia. If being a subscriber of Feudia mails, your opponent will then receive a mail hereby being notified of the problem.

If you still cannot gain contact, you may report your opponent as unfindable using the menu of the corresponding match on the tournament page. You will then (temporarily) be assigned the win.

A Aworded opponent does not respond, what to do?

First you need to contact your opponent. Use the match chat, if the match has started, otherwise send a private message on Feudia.

If still no response, you can use the match menu to register your opponent as not responding. You will then (temporarily) be assigned the win. Also you may report the score (if any).

After expiration of the match time our system looks at the reported results and scores. If no scores or results were indicated, our system will randomly determine the winner of the match or it will be processing the match as a tie on basis of the tournament style.

We encourage everyone to play fair. However, everyone can join our tournaments thus unfortunately sometimes it might occur, that the less sportive / active members participate.

My opponent intentionally slowed the game, now to do now?

If your opponent intentionally delayed the game to let the match time expire, you can indicate this on the tournament page through the menu of the corresponding match. Just register your opponent is not responding (see above).

To use this option, be sure your opponent is solely responsible for the match timing out, meaning you cannot expect your opponent to be available to the very last minute. To ensure this, contact your opponent on the match chat to agree on time slots where you can both play before reporting your opponent as not responding.

We encourage everyone to play fair. However, everyone can join our tournaments thus unfortunately sometimes it might occur, that the less sportive / active members participate.

I do suspect my opponent is cheating, what can I do?

In Feudia tournaments, it is not allowed to use word proposing apps, dictionaries, friends etc. The words should come by your own means. The only allowed tools are pen and paper to count letters or a secretary.

If you suspect an opponent of cheating, you may contact the referee, explaining the cause of your suspicion. However, you must have very compelling evidence to succeed as it is almost impossible to prove fraud. You also have to take into account that some players at Feudia are actually excellently skilled.

Avoid accusing opponents of cheating in public. This can be considered harassment (see below).

I have a second Aworded account with which I also want to play on Feudia, is that allowed?

You are not allowed to join the same tournament with multiple accounts. Doing so is considered as cheating and can lead to your accounts being suspended at Feudia. But you can join different tournaments with different user accounts if you want.

My opponent is harassing me on the chat. Is it acceptable?

Not at all. We expect a respectful tone on ALL chats associated with Feudia including match chats. If you are faced with harassment, you should immediately contact the referee. You will need to attach screen shuts documenting the full chat leading up to the offence.

Harassing opponents will lead to either a warning, quarantine or exclusion depending on the nature of the offence.

I have won a Aworded match, but it is still not processed. What to do?

The match results will be processed when both players have reported their correct results or when the match time expires.

When starts the next round?

The next round in a Aworded tournament starts once all matches are played and processed in the current round. With the Pool + Knockout tournament style should all pools matches be played before the new round starts.

How does the performance rating work?

The Performance Rating system we have integrated is based on the ELO rating method. The rating reflects your skill level, relative to other players. A player’s rating will increase or decrease by a significant amount based on the opponents rating and whether a match is won or lost. Only matches with both scores above 150 are included in the calculation. Each player begins their rating at 1500. The global ranking is based on this rating. On the Hall of fame page you can sort the ranking per Aworded dictionary.

How do I contact Feudia?

If you have issues with other members of Feudia, or if you find disrespect in any chat (both private chat, public chat and match chats), you can send an email to the referees. The email address is: Use the same email address to get in contact for any other issues such as technical problems and payments.