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Krudoku is a free multiplayer boardgame which asks for your strategic skills. It combines elements of Sudoku together with bonusfields, forbidden fields, blocking your opponent or creating your own chances of high scores. Download now and improve your strategic skills!

Game rules Krudoku

What are the game rules of Krudoku? How are points distributed? When do you win the game? Read below the tutorial of Krudoku.

How to play Krudoku

The object of the game is to place all stones (numbers) of your own color on the board. Points are given based on the number and field type on which the stone is placed.

Start the game

Each player receives a total of 63 stones (7 x 9 numbers) at his disposal during the game. Every turn you try to place minimum 1 and maximum 4 of your 7 stones adjacent to each other on the board. You are allowed to place the stones in a straight line, or into an L-shape (up to 1 corner). Whoever the game starts, starts at the red flower stone in the middle of the board.

Game play

During your turn, at least 1 stone have to adjacent to a previously positioned stone on the board. You can lay a stone next to your own color or a stone of your opponent. If you lay it to a number of your opponent, it should be the same number. Additionally, ensure that both in a horizontal and a vertical row a number of your color occurs only once (regardless of the dark wall stones).


To achieve the highest score is advisable to score as many Krudoku's as possible during the game. A Krudoku is a horizontal or vertical row in which the numbers 1 to 9 of your color occure. The order of the numbers doesn’t matter. Each Krudoku gives you 100 bonus points!

Bonus fields

A stone adjacent to a stone of your opponent gives double the corresponding number. On the board are also several bonus fields. Below is the legend of all fields:
Default field
Red flower stone (start)
Blue stone
Red stone
Bonus field Fan: number x 2
Bonus field Geisha: number x 3
Bonus field Sumo: number x 4
Wall stone


You have the choice at each turn to create opportunities to achieve high scores, to block your opponent or a combination of these. There are many game tactics possible, which you will discover as you play more Krudoku games.

Game Board

Krudoku can be played on a standard or a random board. The random board option is only available in the Premium version.

Pass, Swap of Resign

If you have no possibility to place stones, you can pass or exchange stones (swap). When you resign, your opponent automatically wins the game.

End of the game

Once a player has lost all his stones, the game ends and the player with the highest final score wins. The first player who has placed all his stones on the board gets a extra bonus of 50 points. Click here to view the highscores.

Much Krudoku fun!